Welcome on my digital portfolio! I’m Dennis Martens, 22 years old and born in Oosterhout, the Netherlands. I’m currently studying Mechanical Engineering on the Hague University of applied sciences in Delft, and I work for Inova Revalidatietechniek V.O.F. in Zoetermeer.

On this website you will find information about my professional experiences, interests and occupations, these can be found on the page ‘about me’. My portfolio consists of a couple of self evaluation tests which give an insight of my strengths, weaknesses, competencies, skills and learning styles. The page ‘assignments’ is about my current study, Mechanical Engineering, the assignments I made are published on this page.

The gallery is a page I use to place digital footage. These digital footages provide a good insight of my work and occupations, and are often published by myself on forums and other websites.

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